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We are open this Bank Holiday Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. Please visit our showroom at D24 A259 or call us.
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Outdoor Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Paving Decoded
(By Royale Stones)

Porcelain paving is a new product in the Ireland market. It's our duty to provide our customers with the required information about outdoor porcelain paving tiles.

1. High Strength

Porcelain is produced using selection of raw materials like white clay, quartz etc., pressing to 4600 tons (400kg/cm2), firing at 1200-1250 degrees for 90 minutes and rectifying. This gives it the breaking strength of over 9500N making them suitable for outdoors, even for areas with high foot traffic.

2. Low Water Absorption

The market standard is less than 0.50%. All our outdoor porcelain tiles meet that standard with majority of them comes with water absorption rate of below 0.1% and that’s what makes us one of the most prominent supplier of outdoor porcelain paving slabs in the Ireland.

Big Advantages of Low Water Absorption Rate in Outdoor Porcelain

The low water absorption rate makes it hard for the stains and marks to penetrate the surface, which means easier maintenance.

Anti-Slip Rating - R11 (What it Means)

Since we live is a country where it rains a lot, it's vital that the product used outdoors have a good anti-slip rating.

All our outdoor porcelain tiles comes with R11 slip rating, which makes them ideal for outdoor areas.

3. Designing

"Art lies in the details", without good designs, the specs become futile.

Designing is one of the most crucial part for us when choosing the product and manufacturer as we know when our customers are renovating there outdoor space, they expect the best from us in all areas.

Everyone has different taste when it comes to selecting a design and we aim to give our customers all the premium designs with careful detailing all at one place.

We have a total of more than 45 different colours and designs.

On top of that we know that different sizes have different looks and we give the option of many sizes like - 600*600, 1200*600, 1200*300, 900*450, 900*600, 1000*500, 800*800, 1000*1000 and Mix Size Packs.

We also offer many of these colours in indoor porcelain tiles for the seamless look from inside to out.

Royale Stones outdoor porcelain paving will bring your garden to life with its charming and contemporary characteristics.

4. Quality Control of Royale Stones Porcelain Paving

We spend a considerable amount of time (with research and travelling) prior to selecting the product we sell and manufacturer we choose.

Currently most of our outdoor porcelain tiles are Made in Europe with highest quality standards.

We have suppliers in Europe and outside with latest machinery and technology for outdoor porcelain paving tiles. Moreover, we also make sure that all our suppliers are proactive with their duties towards environment.

The idea is to provide all products with high specs at competitive pricing and because of our low overheads we are proud to say that we are achieving it year after year.

We as a company work on a principle to always provide our customers with top spec. quality porcelain paving tiles at best prices possible.

We always look at the bigger picture - The better service and quality we provide the more we sell.

5. Consistency of Royale Stones Outdoor Porcelain Paving

Porcelain is a man-made product, which makes it very consistent when it comes to size and thickness tolerance. The same consistency can be seen with the subtle (thanks to the designing team) variation adding the character to the surface of paving slabs, giving them the natural look whilst maintaining the merits of 20mm porcelain.

Outdoor Porcelain Paving vs Granite Paving
(By Royale Stones)

Granite Paving

Porcelain Paving

1. Maintenance

Granite paving just like most other natural stones comes with a much higher water absorption rate in comparison to outdoor porcelain paving, which requires regular sealing and maintenance otherwise risks staining.

1. Maintenance

The very low water absorption rate makes it easier to maintain the outdoor porcelain paving slabs.

2. Variety & Designs

The variety and colours available are limited in granite paving. This is due to the fact the textured finish is only option to make granite anti-slip.

2. Variety & Designs

On the other hand when it comes to outdoor porcelain paving slabs, sky is the limit as customers can choose from slate to marble effect, concrete to wood effect and many more.

3. Anti-Slip Rating

Our granite paving slabs comes with flamed (textured) finish, which makes then non-slip and suitable for external areas.

3. Anti-Slip Rating

All Royale Stones outdoor porcelain paving slabs some R11 anti-slip rated, which also makes them perfectly suitable for outdoors.

4. Strength –

20mm granite paving slabs not only possess good strength but are also  frost resistant making them suitable for garden and landscaping.

4. Strength –

20mm outdoor porcelain paving tiles possess superior strength in comparison to natural granite. All our outdoor porcelain tiles are frost resistant.